War of Raiders: An Arcade Mobile Game

Our flagship game is a coming-of-age story that is going to leave you hooked up and craving for more.

‘War of Raiders’ is an action packed and well paced arcade. Designed for various ages, it is easy to learn and advance. First season has 50 carefully crafted levels with high replay value. Moreover, it is accompanied by a novelette sized story written by the author and game designer Can Toraman.

The Story of a Wayward Son

Only son of a renowned raider, Raiden is an easy going young man with no intention of taking over the family tradition.

However, you can’t blame him.

On the frontiers of the Empire, a raider family is tasked with keeping everything under control in the name of the Emperor. It’s definitely a hard life. Vigilance is a necessity, and the law & order of these dangerous lands are in their hands. When there is an incursion from the bordering nations, they can’t have it without a swift response. And these families are not your everyday skirmishers. Whenever His Imperial Majesty raises his armies, the raiders stand by his side, and harass the enemy ranks with brisk hit and run tactics, for they are the best cavalry archers ever seen.

Raiden thinks that his days are not yet to come, but his story unfolds in most unexpected ways.

Raid on The Go

With Single Player mode, you can play War of Raiders on Android phones and tablets without connecting to the Internet. Moreover, the upcoming Battle Mode will let you play with friends and family online. You will challenge, get challenged, and fight for a place in the global rankings.


“We demand your surrender!”
“I was about to ask the same thing.”
“Your armor won’t protect you!”