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Steam & Sword

An Interactive Steampunk Novel

Steam & Sword is an interactive Steampunk novel focusing on the science and history of the Victorian Age Britain. Here in Steam & Sword you can easily find yourself in a wild horse chase on gaslit streets, uncover secret societies, and witness the wonders of bizarre inventions.

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Interactive Books

At Fantasy Arts, we build mobile applications for interactive books.

It is tempting to choose from a range of options and define the fate of a novel. Our unique sample design lets the reader enjoy the story as easily as a gentle tap on the screen. Moreover, you can go always back, change your decision and follow another path more thrilling than before.

Length? Not a Problem!

Grab your coffee and find a corner. Our apps are so powerful that even lengthy pieces would feel seamless when you tap through the pages. From Chapter 5 to Chapter 50, the app tracks down your place and let you continue from the same spot whenever you quit. Your every decision is saved, so you can go back more than one step, and choose a different earlier path.

High Customization

Readers can change the font type and size, and even can set a darker background for night view. This kind of control lets the app to be compatible for most screens ranging from smaller smart phones to large tablets.

Wide Readership

By building our apps for different platforms we let our books get in touch with most of the available readers there are. The books can be found on Windows Store, iOS App Store, Amazon App Store, and Google Play Store.


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